SSAS Pensions Limited
SSAS Pensions Limited

We are a newly-established SSAS trustee company in Blackburn, BATHGATE AND WE HAVE WIDE-RANGING SSAS EXPERIENCE.

Fiona Black and Lindsay Carracher established SSAS Pensions Limited in January 2017, having spent 20 years each working for Scottish Widows SSAS Team.


Both Fiona and Lindsay have been actively involved as Specialist SSAS Administrators dealing with day to day matters, liaising with HM Revenue & Customs, preparing Annual Renewals, Event Reports and Pension Scheme Returns. 


In addition to day to day administration, both Fiona and Lindsay have acted a Special Trustee Representatives since 2003, attending trustee meetings on behalf of Scottish Widows Trustees Limited.


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You really have been very helpful and I am very grateful, your guide is the best information I have been able to find, to date,  on SSASs - there just doesn't seem much information out there on them.  Anna B


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SSAS Pensions Limited

1 Riverside Lea



EH47 7EL



Registered number - SC554570.  Registered Office - 1 Riverside Lea, Blackburn, Bathgate, EH47 7EL. Telephone: 07707653222.  Registered in Scotland.

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